Finding Loads:

Once we have established your requirements based off your carrier profile form and communicating with you. We will get started right away making sure we exhaust every resource to not only find loads that meet your needs, but go above and beyond to find the highest paying load possible. 

At the minimum we will not bother you with any load that doesn’t fit your requirements.  We will even take in account for our dispatch fee when meeting the CPM needed to the truck! Once the load is booked, we will be sure to start the process for the next load so you can just focus on driving. By the time you deliver a load we will have the next one ready for you!

Processing Paperwork:

We will handle on your behalf any paperwork necessary and get it sent in for processing and then following up with the brokers/shippers to ensure timely payment.  All we need from you is the BOL, invoicing, factoring info (if applicable). 

Assigning Loads and Managing Drivers:

If you are a carrier with multiple trucks we can help. Whether it is managing just a few trucks or the whole fleet, we have you covered. 

Managing Weather Delays and Handling Issues:

We completely understand things happen that are out of your control (weather, traffic, accidents etc). We will be there every step of the way to get you out of a bind and work with the broker/shipper with any issues that arise.   We work for you and look out for your best interest!