No Other Dispatch Service Has The Tools And Resources Like We Do!


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Dedicated Dispatch Service

When you sign up with (Company Name), you get the full attention of an assigned and dedicated Dispatcher.

We are part of the National Dispatchers Network with hundreds of independent dispatchers helping each other find the best paying freight out there!

There is no other dispatch firm that is built like our network of national dispatchers.


How Much Money Do You Need to Move Your Truck???

Sign up with us and when you see us calling, you will know we have the type of load you are looking for!

No Forced Dispatch

It’s your choice to accept any loads that we offer, but we are confident that any loads we find will be what you are looking for!

Rate Negotiation

We will negotiate the best rates from shippers and brokers to ensure the best prices are being paid for the shipping lane

Dedicated Dispatcher

Dedicated dispatcher that is partners with a powerful and one of kind National Dispatchers Network, all helping each other find the best paying freight in the market!

Why Choose Us

We are unique to any dispatch service out there as being part of the National Dispatchers Network.

You have us as your dedicated dispatch service, but when it comes time to find the best paying loads, there will be hundreds of eyes scouring 1000s of loads on multiple high end load boards!

Don't limit yourself by one pair of eyes and miss out on those money loads!

24x7 Support

We are with you every step of the way from booking the load, assisting with any problems on the way, to finalizing the paperwork to ensure you get paid!

Great Value

We are confident in our work and abilities to ensure you stay profitable and satisfied.


The only thing you will have to sign is a dispatch agreement. This is not a contract where you are locked in and have to use us by any means. It is just an agreement that you will pay us for our services, only when you accept the load that we provide you and after you are paid for that load by the broker/shipper.

Using our service will  save you time and headache searching for that perfect load and then dealing with all the paperwork.  Plus, with being part of the National Dispatchers Network, you will not just have one pair of eyes looking for a load, but hundreds scouring 1000s of loads on multiple high end load boards! Think about how many loads you may have missed out on that were paying much more than what you were able to find by yourself.

No problem! Think of us as another tool in your toolbox. Maybe your having a tough time finding the right load and need to get moving, give us a call!

Absolutely! We are here to cater to your needs. Let us know when, where, how much you need per mile and anything else you want us to know.

Not a problem, just keep in mind that yes we have a powerful network,  we are not magicians. If you only use us for when you get in a dead area, do not expect a miracle, but we will see just about any load running out of the area and do our best to get what you need!

No, however, if you are leased or are a company driver; you will have to check with the company you are leased on or work for to make sure they allow outside dispatching.